I Want to Hear One Boss Say That All Employees Are the Same ...

batman the dark knight rises work - 6453377280
By Unknown

There's No More Cuddly Way to Sleep

work twitter nap - 8354348800
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Fired and Pwned

owned jobs fired pwned bosses work funny failbook g rated - 7515775744
By Unknown

Legal, Blonde, and Ready for the Job

work job interview - 8478184704
By MessofJess

It Takes a True Scumbag to Scam Disability

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So That's Why I Ate Radioactive Charcoal for Breakfast

apocalypse work - 6309073152
By Unknown
not my job moments | Repair guy did this combat overheating punching holes in a computer | sign billboard MY BOSS SAID PUT SOMETHING UP

Unprofessional "Not My Job" Moments of Failure

Looks good enough.
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Aim For The Sky

life work - 5902700032
By Unknown

C'mon, Man... You Know You Want To...

comic facebook work - 5195638528
By Unknown

He Won't Question You Anymore

Awkward embarrassing sex toys work NSFW - 6073963264
By Unknown
boss Pokémon list pokemon go work failbook facebook - 859397

Man in Singapore Fired For Throwing Tantrum on Facebook About Pokémon GO

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Guess Who!

boss employee snow day work - 6983812864
By Pokeh

Do You Have a Job For Anybody With Weird Hangups?

work kids these days - 8239396608
By Unknown


money no thank you prostitution TMI work - 4389000704
By Unknown

A Most Professional Way to Ask for Office Help

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Facebook Arguing with the Boss? Not Gonna End Well

fired FAIL work facebook - 8756983552
By Crazyposter
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