dumb ways people got scars

Dumb Ways People Ended Up With A Scar

It happens to the best of us.
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Okie Idiot

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Created by oats4234
common idioms and sayings that are untrue | Smile-Fearless 2 days ago edited 1 day ago 4 4 More "If don't succeed first time, try try again had fourth grade teacher COMPLETELY against this saying. Her reasoning if doing wrong? Then just continue do wrong until give up out frustration. So, she preferred say "Keep trying different ways until get right".

Classic Sayings That Are Kind Of Wrong

Maybe we're due for an update.
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Anti-Drug FAIL

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popular sayings that are wrong | Timmibal More Customer is Always Right Because half s missing full truism is Customer is Always Right matters taste Guy wants pint half baileys, half orange juice? He's paying. Lady wants wear raw turkey as hat do love doesn't mean is Kyle and Karen get free reign treat people like shit because they happen be handing over money at some stage interaction.

Popular Sayings That Are Kinda BS

Sometimes a saying is just a saying.
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Yes, Some People Really Are This Stupid

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Funny dank memes, random memes, stupid memes, funny | ima stay off social media my mental health today Also me Matthew McConaughey smoking nervously while checking phone | The single most important thing a man can do to be an ally is give his woman friends permission to give dudes at the bar his number so when they call he can angrily say that's not funny because she died 15 years ago that very night

50 Time-Wasting Memes Both Old And New

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OMG SN-...alt.

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Created by Tyler Brodeur
Company rep tries talking to deaf sister on phone | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/hoginlly Sorry have speak with account holder Another post on here reminded this story actually happened my sister call her Amanda few years ago, there big sporting event my family all wanted get together and watch decided all get together my sister's house watch She needed upgrade her TV package include more sports channels, which she able do online, on TV providers website.

Company Demands to Speak to Deaf Woman on the Phone

Awesome plan.
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A Titanic FAIL

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Stop. Just... Stop.

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Created by Perry

Thanks for the Constructive Criticism

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facepalm moments that would make the strongest person cringe

19 Head Shakingly Ridiculous Moments of Pure Facepalm

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Not Very Bright

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Take Your Own Advice

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