Really Puts Things into Perspective, Man

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Look at My Smile, Morgan!

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You Look Awfully Pale

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Something Tells Me That Court Hearing is Going to Go Really Well

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Hey Check Out This Cool Thing!

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What if Famous Film Characters Were as Selfie-Obsessed as the Rest of Us?

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Nature Itself Hates Your Selfies

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That's the Face We All Make Internally When We See Your Selfies

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That's Why You Don't Use a Selfie Stick

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Kim Kardashian Is Launching Her Own Emoji Line

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Pizza Hut Warns Us About the Dangers of Selfie Sticks

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people not recognizing celebrities

20 People Who Thought They Met Celebrities Who Were Very, Very Wrong

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Just Me and My Bovine Peeps

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I Haven't Even Reached My Final Form Yet

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General Colin Powell Fires Shots at Ellen and Shows What a REAL Old-School Selfie is About

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new selfie trend

The Newest Selfie Trend Is to Give Yourself a High Five While Letting Your Phone Drop to the Ground

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