A Comic History of Selfies

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So #Blessed

accident selfie pregnant - 8970141952
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I Haven't Even Reached My Final Form Yet

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Let's Hope This is an April Fool's Prank, Because the Selfie Shoes Are Totally Ridiculous

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Damn Nature U Scary Video selfie failbook g rated - 66990593

The Oblivious Selfie-Taker Gets a Nature Documentary Remix

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She Can See Past the Bad Parts

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Stop the Millennial Generation, I Want to Get Off

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Mom Getting Caught Taking Selfie With Deer In the Headlights Moment, Is All Of Us When Our Vanity's Exposed

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Finally, You Can Take the Butt Selfies You Always Wanted With an $80 Accessory

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Nate Scimio Made a Brave Move in a Dangerous Incident, and he Has the Selfie to Prove it

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And You Thought That Snapchat Would Delete itself...

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Its Thread Count is 600,000

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Treat Yo Selfie...To Some Filters

funny animal image of ugly hairless cat who stays positive
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A Selfie Disaster

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General Colin Powell Fires Shots at Ellen and Shows What a REAL Old-School Selfie is About

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