We've Reached New Heights in Profile Picture Technology

selfie DIY failbook g rated - 8188705792
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The Human Selfie-Pede

Inception oh god why selfie - 8398802944
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These Selfie Sticks Don't Seem to be Working as Intended

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dads gifts list parenting dad selfie daughter iphone - 884229

The Internet Is Trying to Adopt This Awesome Dad and His Furry New iPhone Case

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Caught in the Act of Incriminating Selfies

burn justice thief selfie failbook g rated - 8180276480
Created by Lisa

I Feel Pretty~~~

wrong number selfie texting failbook - 8404602368
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restaurant hashtags selfie - 8142685952
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Selfie Privileges: REVOKED

bad idea cars driving selfie texting - 8438133760
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The Teacher's Face!

twitter labor selfie pregnant - 8795875840
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Eugh! Get That Off of There!

cameras selfie - 8291455744

Her's is the Face of Theft Gone Wrong

Criminally Dumb Criminal selfie ipad - 8085510656
Created by Unknown

Dem Tiles

selfie photoshop - 7774970112
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Panorama Mode Accidentally Gave This Tourist The Perfect Selfie Arm

photography whoops selfie failbook - 8347690240
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Photo of the Day: Plane on Fire? Take a Selfie!

selfie planes fire failbook g rated - 8138275584
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Maybe It's Worth Defacing a Stop Sign for This

hacked irl sign selfie failbook g rated - 8337415424
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After Reading Tweets Shaming Plus-Sized Fashion Choices, This Woman Pushed Back With Selfies

win twitter image woman pushes back on body shaming tweets against plus sized fashion haters
Via @_spetty
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