Woman Steals iPad, Takes Selfies, Selfies Auto-Upload to Original Owner's Facebook via iCloud

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Welcome to the #SelfieOlympics. How Strong is Your Selfie Game?

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The Best Selfie Stick Anyone Could Ask for? An Actual Friend!

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Maybe It's Worth Defacing a Stop Sign for This

hacked irl sign selfie failbook g rated - 8337415424
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You Can Get a Selfie With the President, but Only if You're an Amazing Baseball Player

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Eugh! Get That Off of There!

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That's the Face We All Make Internally When We See Your Selfies

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The Human Selfie-Pede

Inception oh god why selfie - 8398802944
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What Happens When You Try to Take Selfies With Strangers?

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The Oscar Selfie: An Expanded View

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Like My Status if You Like My Pumpkin

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Self-Flying Planes, Sure. Automatic Cameras? IMPOSSIBLE.

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Megatron is Here to Blast Some Truth About Your Selfies

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Just Me and My Bovine Peeps

selfie farm cows failbook g rated - 8166919680
By SticksAndScissors

Before Hitting Send, Check to See Where Those Risque Selfies Are Going

dad sexy times whoops parenting selfie - 8249772032
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The Teacher's Face!

twitter labor selfie pregnant - 8795875840
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