Nobody Delivers the Sick Burns Like Grandma

ouch grandma selfie - 8446753536
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movies Video selfie failbook - 62085377

What if Famous Film Characters Were as Selfie-Obsessed as the Rest of Us?

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Really Stripping Down for That Selfie

whoops accidental sexy selfie - 8426054656
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She Can See Past the Bad Parts

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guy recreates girl's tinder photos

This Australian Guy Recreates Women's Tinder Profile Pics With Hilarious Results

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Not Sad Enough to Not Give the Selfie Side-Eye, of Course

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Get on This, Science!

shut up and take my money design selfie - 8415668992
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Exactly as I Planned It

Exactly as I Planned It
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Just Me and My Bovine Peeps

selfie farm cows failbook g rated - 8166919680
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What tis Happening With That Extra Face in This Scary, Mysterious Selfie?

selfie ghosts mystery What tis Happening With That Extra Face in This Scary, Mysterious Selfie?
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No Sexuals Allowed In This Home

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Step Up Your Selfie Game, Folks

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selfie Sochi 2014 Video - 58707201

Sochi is the Only Place in the World Where You Can Get a Gigantic 3D Selfie

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Eugh! Get That Off of There!

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Only if Their Phones Are Jailbroken!

iPhones puns selfie failbook g rated - 8054165760
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The Infinite Patience of Social Media Teams

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