Selfies for Good, Selfies for LOLs

selfie cancer irony - 8117763840
Created by Chubbs90

US Airways Flight 1702 Crashed Without Any Fatal Injuries, so That's Reason for a Selfie Right?

selfie airplane - 8106254592
Created by Unknown

That Time You Saw the Champion of the Universe

Via Acid Cow

Grandma is Certain a Selfie is a Kind of Disease

grandma parentbook selfie sick - 8412093184
Via GallowBoob

Step Up Your Selfie Game, Folks

dinosaur selfie weird failbook g rated - 8032180480
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shoes april fools selfie Video - 69900289

Let's Hope This is an April Fool's Prank, Because the Selfie Shoes Are Totally Ridiculous

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After Reading Tweets Shaming Plus-Sized Fashion Choices, This Woman Pushed Back With Selfies

win twitter image woman pushes back on body shaming tweets against plus sized fashion haters
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It's Almost as if the Universe Wants Me to Fail

2013 new years selfie - 7991066880
Created by Unknown

That's Why You Don't Use a Selfie Stick

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advertisement pizza selfie Video - 71249153

Pizza Hut Warns Us About the Dangers of Selfie Sticks

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Caught in the Act of Incriminating Selfies

burn justice thief selfie failbook g rated - 8180276480
Created by Lisa

The Teacher's Face!

twitter labor selfie pregnant - 8795875840
Via SpideyNikka

When Taking Pics in Your Mom's Bathroom...

mirror pic Awkward profile pic selfie tampons - 4998082816
Created by Zach

That's the Face We All Make Internally When We See Your Selfies

shoes selfie weird - 8209165056
Via Brown Cardigan

Selfie Imposters Are at it Again!

selfie ipad fake - 8055989248
Via Joanne Casey
movies Video selfie failbook - 62085377

What if Famous Film Characters Were as Selfie-Obsessed as the Rest of Us?

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