Hispter Activism

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Donald Trump drives people insane over the mystery of the misplaced apostrophe.

Donald Trump Drives Internet Insane Over Mystery Of The Apostrophe

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The Sarah Palin Drinking Game

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Amtrak Hits Epic New Low, And Responds to Woman Trapped in Elevator Seven Months Too Late

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Twitter is Loving This Clip of an Old Married Couple as the Perfect Way to Sum Up How Every Election Should Go

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Green Gold

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By Michael

Doubting Thomas

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The Internet Is Scrambling to Figure out What a Mazel Tov Cocktail Is

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Quoting Yourself is the Key to Win Any Debate

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Everyone's Got an Agenda...

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Electoral Science

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And You Know All About Failure

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Finally, I've Been Looking for an Excuse to Leave Christianityism

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His Wedding Dance Was The Robot

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Somehow I Don't Think NASA is Your Best Target Here

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