That Weird Moment When the Person You're Arguing With Proves Your Point

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You Can't Fault Them for Honesty

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The People of Alaska Have Made Their Voices Heard; They Want to Elect the Hottest Candidate in 2016

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The Ins and Outs

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Chelsea Handler Wants Us All to Know Her Blunt and Cheeky Thought on Trump

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Someone Needs to Clear Up Trump's Hat

Someone Needs to Clear Up Trump's Hat
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Let's Face it, Obamacar is Unconstitutional

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Newest Donald Trump Conspiracy Theory Claims Donald Trump's Being Blackmailed With Sex Tape by Russian Spies

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'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Writer Has Made It Her Life's Purpose to Stalk and Troll Donald Trump's Tweets

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Does Trump Know You Can't Actually Pick Team Rocket?

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Make Way, 'MERICA Has Some Opinions to Share

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Skeletor 2012

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If Only We Could Limit Satirical News Articles to Law-Abiding Citizens

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Marriage and Politics

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Maybe He Was Asking For It, Dressing Like Such a Douchey Politican

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Thanks to One News Anchor's Sanders/Sandwich Flub, We're All Feeling the Heartbern

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