Skeletor 2012

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Newt Gingrich Thinks "London Has Fallen" Is a Sobering Warning, the Internet Thinks He's an Idiot

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The Suit Grabbed More Attention Than the Content in Today's Presidential Press Conference

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Seriously, Are You Having a Stroke?

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Let's Just Grab a Pint and Wait for This Whole "Election" Thing to Blow Over

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Maybe He Was Asking For It, Dressing Like Such a Douchey Politican

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Ken M, the Troll That Will Live in Our Hearts Forever

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International Politics, Courtesy of Matt

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Political Discourse for Those With Permanent Brain Damage: A Facebook Story

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Barrack Obama Wishes Joe Biden Happy Birthday on Twitter, and the World Can't Even Handle It

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Operation #TrumpCup Has Taken Starbucks By Storm, and Twitter is Here to Fuel the Fire

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Read How a Third-Grader Thinks Nexflix and Chill Will Dissuade People From Voting For Donald Trump

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Marco Rubio Has Been Lying to Us This Whole Time!

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Let Me Explain You a Thing, President Barnes and Noble

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Alabama State Senator Shadrack McGill Gets Followed by Strippers in Real Life, McGill's Wife Rants About It on Facebook

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