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53 Things Donald Trump Has Definitely Searched for on Google

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Here's the Internet's Reaction to Obama's Improvised Burn at Yesterday's SOTU

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puns about mike pence and musicals

Twitter Came Up With Some Clever #NameAPenceMusical That are Equal Parts Hilarious and Depressing

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Bold Your Points Some More, I'm Not Clear What's Going On

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Thoughts on the Canadian Election

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Twitter Attacks Donald Trump for 'Unpresidented' Spelling Mistake and It's Immediate Comedic Gold

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Newest Donald Trump Conspiracy Theory Claims Donald Trump's Being Blackmailed With Sex Tape by Russian Spies

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Somehow I Don't Think NASA is Your Best Target Here

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A Politician is Crying "HAX!" After Someone Notices He's Following Adult Movie Star Belle Knox on Twitter

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Celebrities React to Last Night's Election Results on Twitter

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Never Turn Your Back on a Cornered Canadian

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People on Twitter are trolling Donald Trump after discovering the inside of a dog's ear looks just like him.

Twitter Trolls Donald Trump Over Inside Of Dog's Ear That Looks Like Him

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They Were a Lot More Cynical Than I Remember

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Twitter Trolls a British Politician the Minute He Returns to Twitter After a Social Media Hiatus

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The Sarah Palin Drinking Game

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stephen king says donald trump is a lovecraftian monster

Stephen King Claims That Donald Trump Is Actually Cthulhu, but Even Cthulhu Wants Nothing to Do with Trump

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