There's Two Sides to Every Story

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By Fawfulster

Mitt Romney's Newest Adviser

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By JackQuinn
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The Second Debate's Biggest Winner Was Kenneth Bone

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The ".GOP" Domain is Up for Grabs, so of Course People Are Finding the Most Ridiculous URLs to Buy Up

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Canada’s Justin Trudeau Responds To Internet Haters

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But What About the ISSUES, MAN?

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By Unknown
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FOX News Uses Massively Unfortunate Infographic to Illustrate Differences Between ISIS and Steve Bannon

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Crisis Averted, Everyone Go Home!

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Donald Trump Jr. Used a Skittles Metaphor for Refugees and It's Got Twitter Groaning More Than An Actual Cavity

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The Pictures Look a Little Grainy

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By Unknown

It's Easy, Just be Exactly Like Me!

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His Wedding Dance Was The Robot

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Thoughts on the Canadian Election

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At Least This One Was Brave Enough to Ask About Their Ignorance

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Steve Martin Speaks Up About That OTHER Steve Martin

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