Children Aren't Prepared for Unusual Tastes Like That

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Everyone's An Expert

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Oh Hey, Check Out That Life Insurance Policy...

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What an Adorable Hellion!

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What's the Hypotenuse of This Sentence?

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Instead of Complaining, This Man Helped a Pregnant Mom Struggling With Her Crying Baby

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Burned by Mother

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It's Normal For Baby Bears to Purr, Right?

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Nice Enough for You?

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Literal Facebook Parent Pimping

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Wakey Wakey, Eggs and Bakey

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Tweets about parenting that confirm kids are basically little drunk people.

13 Tweets About Parenting That Confirm Kids Are Basically Little Drunk People

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Careful, She Might Question Why You Named the Family Dog Nutmeg Next

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Mom, Wat R U Doing?

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We Have a Gigantic Range of Human Emotions Here

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Angry mom goes on Facebook rant about how her son doesn't have to share with other kids.

People Are Beside Themselves Over This Mom's Facebook Rant About How Her Kid Doesn't Have to Share

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