Bye Bye!

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The Mom-Dad Difference

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Emo Son, I Am Disappoint

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Judging These Two Toy Train Tracks is Tricky

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I Think Someone's Confused

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Please, No Punching Babies

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How Does This Not Sound Like a Cult?

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The Magic of Childhood? Forget That Noise!

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Using Protection Makes You Someone With a Future

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Dad Wins Again

Text - Justin E Commentt when you first met me, how old we were and what u thought! SON> Like Comment Share 21 hours ago nea Mike | 21 hours ago Like 16! Summer school in HSI thought u were cool! Chris 20 hours ago Like Ted E 9 months before you were born. I brought you on a date and you left with your mother. 20 hours ago-Like 7th grade science, mrs. morrison! DAD> I think your dad just won the internet. James 20 hours ago Like
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Rated M for Motherly

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Family Values

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Literal Facebook Parent Pimping

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A Burrito, Dummy!

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Every Mother Has Been There

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parenting fails and wins

These Parenting "Wins" Are Iffy at Best, some of Them Are Outright Fails

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