Hooray for Petty Theft!

gift god parenting religion stealing - 6173529600
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Kids Are Such Excellent Negotiators

parenting kids these days frozen failbook - 8251474944
Created by Justin Huntley

We Met When I Was Just a Twinkle in Your Eye

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Created by AtomicPancake216

What You Post on Facebook vs What Your Parents Think Your Post Means

funny facebook image What You Post on Facebook vs What Your Parents Think Your Post Means
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Teaching Your 2-Year-Old How to Shoot a BB Gun Seems Legit

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YES. Think of the Children

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Welp, Time to Move to Mars

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Things You Didn't Want to Know About Dad

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Instagram: Now a Binding Legal Contract

Babies baby names parenting - 8241798400
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Real Friends Air Their Dirty Laundry Online

fails drama friends parenting - 8346742528

Mothers Be Good to Your Daughters (or Not)

daughters drugs mom parenting - 6451033088
Created by Lauren

"Mrs. Smith, I'd Like to Talk About Your Son's Attachment Issues"

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Parental Encouragement

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Funny memes about parenting, having kids | my kid threatens not talk rest day Jon Hamm laughing | my kid trips over toy asked him pick up 100 times Justin Timberlake giggling

Parenting Memes For Anyone Who's Considered Putting Their Kids Up For Adoption

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Babies puke failbook parenting facebook dad texting - 799749

One Dad's Nauseating Babysitting Adventure Includes Cops, a Breathalyzer, and One Very Stinky Baby

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Does This Really Grant You Access to the "No Cavity Club"?

hashtag parenting teeth - 8235270400
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