And We Shall Name the Child "Dil"

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A Dad Responds to His 15 yr-old Daughter's Facebook Post

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Oh and By the Way!

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Babysitting 360

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A Tale of Mother and Son

Funny mother and son exchange about how she won't get even when she is older, and if she tries, Mom will be put in an old age home.
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He's Never Coming Back, Mom

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Helicopter Parents Thought These Were Drugs... Nope!

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Having Fun?

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Future Troll-of-Famer

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Vader's Baby

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"Sir, You Don't Look 18 to Me..."

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J.K. Rowling Finally Puts to Bed Why Harry Named His Kid After Snape

harry potter tweets J.K. Rowling Puts to Bed Why Harry Named His Kid After Snape
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Momma's Boy

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The Kindness of One Target Employee is a Reminder To Us All to Have Patience

heartwarming parenting image mother tells story of patience from Target employee
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