Not Prepared for International Flight, This One

toys facepalm parenting airplane - 8300033792
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In Football, the Feuds Run Deep

ouch sports parenting failbook - 8143418112

A Friendly Suggestion From Your Fellow Neighborhood Wal-Mart Shopper

Babies conception condom parenting sex shopping Walmart - 6247920128
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Thanks, Dad

Text - almost finished my first model kit! its only taken 6 or so years 14 minutes ago Like Comment like this. and Dad Well the box recommends 6-12 years doesn't it? You're doing great 13 minutes ago Like 1 person
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You Can Only Hope Your Mom Accidentally Buys You Something This Hilarious

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Not as Easy as Removing This Post Will Be

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Likewise, Pops

dads parenting - 7431287040
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Whatever, Dad! I've Got My Own Republic!

identity theft parenting - 7885095424
Created by Aeshel

Solid Advice From Russell Crowe

twitter parenting failbook g rated - 7036004096
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The World Is Finally Starting to Make Sense

cucumber dad parenting - 6130215680
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Did We just Have Sex Right Meow?

cat failbook parenting sex - 6469406720
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Momma's Boy

moms parenting failbook - 4663071744
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Yer a Time Lord, Harry

aging doctor who parenting - 6254277376
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Who Are We Kidding, It's Basically the Same

iphone mom parenting twitter - 8328476672
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Parenting Has Been Known to Fry Your Brain a Little

facepalm what parenting spelling - 8455126784
Created by Nash Smalley

Legit Parenting

arrested parenting police - 6614190592
Created by Beth
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