Ask and Ye Shall Receive (Ignorance)

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What's This About Car Talk?

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Why is it SO HARD Not to COMPLAIN, GOD

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By Unknown

Isn't Thapt Jupt Terrible?

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Geniuses Don't NEED Spellchecks or Editing

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Everything in Jason Alexander's Life Comes Full Circle

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By Chris

The ALS Challenge is Stupid... Except When I Do it

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Less is More

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By Memememememe

Pick Up All Those Electrons From the Earth! And Sticks, and Needles, and Dog Poop, and...

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Is it Comfortable in That Bed of Your Own Making?

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This Would be Funny if it Weren't Depressing

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Shoutouts to All the "Incompitants" Out There

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Clearly Your Not

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Where Does All the Weight Come From?

weight duh food irony - 8370291712
By texasdarlin005

You Already Did

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By alyssajeanroberts
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