The Power of Money is to Not Care About Mistakes Like This

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When the Irony of Your Kid's Permission Slip is This Obvious, You've Got to Attach a Note Like This Dad

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Nobody Said Anything About English

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Created by Marie

Memes, How do They Work?

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Created by Sabrina

Incorrectly, You Mean Incorrectly

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Created by moon_duckling

Let He Who is Without Food Pics Throw the First Shade

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Created by Unknown

Everyone Except Paul and Josh

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If You Like This, Please Share it on Your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Soundcloud, Kik, AirBnB...

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Let He Who is Without Sin Take the First Picture While Driving

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Created by Mark Costabile

Try Googling it, Maybe?

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Check. Mate.

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Freedom of Speech Means the Freedom to Be Really Terrible at Spelling

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Created by Wicked

It's a Shame Zero News Outlets Covered This Gigantic News Story Last Week

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No Need to Half-Ass it Now

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Once We Have Technology Errors Like This Will Never Happen!

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Created by Lucy Snowe

Are These the Feel-Good Vibes You Were Talking About?

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Created by RightSaidFred