Protip: Get a Good Editor

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Group Irony

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Memes, How do They Work?

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Who's Driving Who Into a Ditch?

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Not a Single Care Was Given That Day

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Get Paid, Get Paper, Spend That Paper on a Dictionary

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We Don't Associate With That Kind of Logic

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If He Passed, I'm Quitting Life

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You Know, That Netflix that Comes on Paper and Pens

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Twitter Executive Anthony Noto Accidentally Tweets a Direct Message, Putting His Business Plans on the Internet for All

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The Irony is Too Strong Here, We Don't Know What To Believe

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The Point Just Increased Altitude and Went Right Over You

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Incorrectly, You Mean Incorrectly

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Oh, The Irony...

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Ooo a Burn, Just What He Wanted!

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