You Tell Them, Person Writing a Boring Status!

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Created by eza38

This is an Endless Loop of Ignorance

acronym facebook irony - 8110502400
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Don't Tell Me How to Spam!

chain mail inspirational irony - 8393200128
Created by AlexStar6

The Ghost of Irony Past

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Oh, The Irony...

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Created by Jacob

Feel Free to Take a Breath Any Time During This Sentence

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Like Getting Hit by a Dodge

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Created by jaddasroots

Obviously Nothing Applies to ME, Duh

lady bits kids these days irony - 8167432192
Created by Jenn Jorgensen

We Don't Associate With That Kind of Logic

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Created by CLGlenn

You Might Want a Book in Your Life

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Got Anything to Say About This?

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Macara? Maracas? Oh Nevermind.

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This isn't Complaining, Right?

twitter whining irony - 8333180160
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Proper Calling-Out Etiquette

facepalm irony spelling - 8453273088
Created by lost_catgirl

It Was the Spelling Portion, Wasn't It?

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Created by Ray