Classic: That Will Show Them, but Subtly

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Pot, Meet Kettle

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In Case You Needed Confirmation, Donald Trump is the Most Vain Human Being Alive

Text - David Roth Follow @david roth Last night I made up a fatuous Donald Trump quote, attributed it to him, and he RT'ed it as his own. I'm finished: Reply Retweet Favorite More Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump Follow "@david_j_roth: "I was never one who looked at success as bad. For me, success was always good. I loved it, and still do." Donald Trump
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Ooo a Burn, Just What He Wanted!

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Way to End on a High Note

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All the Justins Agree

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Not a Pound of Regret

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Like Getting Hit by a Dodge

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Probably the Last Place You Want to Drunkenly Crash in to

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Can't Say Nobody Saw This Coming

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These Abs Are MADE of Class

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Fight the Power With Your Perfect Sense of Irony

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Except This Quote Into You're Life

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We're Far Beyond Dumb Now

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At Least She's Consistently Being a Terrible Parent?

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Someone Call the Emergency Line for the Grammar Police: Irony Squad

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