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By robbi

Eye of the Bohemian

queen freddie mercury survivor lyrics bohemian rhapsody eye of the tiger funny - 7440285440
By pengwinnking
Newspaper has hilarious typo that inspires Twitter to roast it perfectly.

Newspaper Gets Roasted After Hilarious Typo Mess-Up

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Journalist accidentally reveals he's into Hentai and the internet proceeds to roast him.

Journalist Accidentally Reveals He's Into Hentai, and Internet Is Roasting the Hell Out of Him

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People describe the plot holes that are so big you could drive trucks through them | Trevor-On-Reddit 3d 6 Awards Every Christmas movie where no one believes Santa but then turns out Santa does exist. Like, who did they think putting presents under Christmas tree? If Santa is real then wasn't them.

Plot Holes Big Enough To Drive Trucks Through

Like come on.
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Consider That Myth (And My Phone) Busted

phones smartphones funny microwave failbook - 7531899648
By Unknown
twitter FAIL fight reaction funny Video politics - 1140485

The Internet is Fascinated By This Dude With the Ultimate Chill When a Political Fight Broke Out

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humor FAIL video games funny - 1236997

30 Times People Outdid Themselves With the Crude Humor on Club Penguin

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Twitter Interactions Between Celebrities Don't Get Much More Gloriously Phallic Than This

Via @Sethrogen

Where's the Beef Come From?

zynga Farmville facebook games Beef funny cows - 7508911616
By Unknown

Hopefully It Wasn't a Solid 45 Shots...

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By Unknown
Scottish twitter twitter funny - 1405445

Dae ye talk Scots? Here's a Bit of Scottish Twitter to Get You Through the Day

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funny and weird substitute teacher stories | DrivingSharkBait 1.5k points 14 hours ago Back teacher had sub decide my plans weren't good enough her and went rogue. She decided show my students videos animals giving birth on YouTube taught English

Wild Junk Substitute Teachers Did

It's the pinnacle of not caring.
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St. Louis Isn't a Great Place to Date

Image grab from a phone about an article about dating being bad in St. Louis and a related-article under it which reveals a high level of STDs.
Via Cough Meister
taylor swift twitter FAIL reactions fans funny john mayer - 1252613

Twitter Slaps John Mayer in the Face after He Tweets Taylor Swift's Birthday Is the Worst Day of the Year

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