Doritos Facebok account teaching various people a harsh lesson in trolling for social media entertainment.

10 People Who Learned a Harsh and Hysterical Lesson In Trolling From Doritos

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Tumblr thread on the importance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show | unthrash-deactivated20151110 rocky horror is worst and is also transmisogynistic can please finally get over this shit movie fagtrender ok but like writer is transgender nonbinary and language used play preferred language by trans people time can not deny parts our history because evolved since then thanks minim-calibre Follow So fucking much this. PS, youth today be saying same damn thing about art this time before too long good

Tumblr Thread: Rocky Horror Picture Show Was Freedom

Well said, indeed.
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Thanks, Autocorrect...

autocorrect funny money failbook - 7510616064
By Unknown

That Awkward Moment When You See Your Awkward Moment Documented and Displayed on the Internet

that awkward moment restaurant funny - 7435718656
By Unknown
celeb mean tweets twitter

32 Times Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves and They Were Scathingly Accurate

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Price Gouging Was Never So Comfy

price gouging math funny - 7462082048
By Unknown

Ballsy of You...

genitals funny - 6494380800
By ohheyitssadie
cat snaps cats snapchat animals lol funny cute aww wholesome uplifting adorable | just adopted this baby pet hoarding situation with 300 cats. She is only two and has had 4 litters. She will never be neglected again. Meet Scarlet | Woke my cat. Might have summoned demon instead.

That's A Wrap With Fresh Cat Snaps (15 Cat Snapchats)

Freshest cat snaps
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news FAIL donald trump election 2016 funny politics - 1361669

"Fake News" Is 2017's New Favorite Excuse After Donald Trump's Aggressive Press Conference Moment

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Ctrl + F + U

relationships funny dating breakups - 4923446784
By Carlielorissa
male karen wants tatttoo and is rude | premises last night make booking my partner and myself be tattooed were told NOT POSSIBLE and would not be booked our CHOSEN DATE Tuesday first December. My partner and have been thinking about this tattoo OVER YEAR young man at door terribly curt with us asked speak manager, he told us he OWNER find this very hard believe, as he had large tattoo on side his head would appreciate reply MANAGER ONLY and if this is not my satisfaction will be taking things

Male Karen Doesn't Believe Tattoo Shop Owner, Gets Reckoning

He didn't want to believe it.
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funny twitter meme imagine if your card declines | Abdi JrWave19 Imagine card declines at therapy so they start roast session about personal problems

'Imagine Your Card Declines' Twitter Meme Is Packed With Amusing Absurdity

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Grad Night

graduation knocked up Party party hard pregnant funny - 4889166848
By ohnoits
NSFW espn sports FAIL live tv funny - 210182

ESPN Analyst Fails Terribly, Accidentally Draws NSFW Pic on Live TV

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So Punny

puns irony funny - 7504379136
By jolienemarie

Fill in the Blank

best friends funny dating failbook g rated - 4975356160
By whosthatnow