Quick, Fake a Smile

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Music news FAIL reactions bono funny - 1097221

People Are Rioting on Twitter Right Now after Bono Was Crowned 'Woman of the Year'

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A collection of clever comebacks that destroyed their recipients | Can do $250? 3 min ago Only have 100 15 s ago Then don't need bill counter

Clever Comebacks That Hit The Bullseye

Love a good clever comeback.
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animal tweets funny lol animals aww cute wholesome cats dogs humor twitter | Sean Brewster @TheSeanBrewster Today Zoom class my professor casually mentioned her cat and one brave student spoke up Everyone: show cat Everw 8:58 PM 8/24/20 Twitter iPhone

Weekly Treats: Animal Tweets (August 30th, 2020)

25 Tweets
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funny rant on twitter about promise rings

Dude Goes on Twitter Rage Rant After Girl Brags About Her Boyfriend Getting Her Promise Rings

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You Just Got Logic'd

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He's Off Working Some Yellow Collar Job Now

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funny times particular people and things were singled out | WORK CENTER HAS BEEN ACCIDENT FREE SINCE JOE LEFT | Abbie Cheeseman @cheesemanab Scientists have discovered on occasions, an octopus will "punch fish no reason other than "spite" Octopuses are ocean thugs punch fish

Humorous Times People and Things Were Singled Out Unfairly

Oh come on, really?
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Roommate Sabotage

trolling roommates funny justin bieber failbook - 7488467200
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Subway has brutal response to guy on Twitter after he asks for free subs if he gets enough retweets.

Subway Grills Guy on Twitter Trying to Score Free Subs For Retweets

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Get Your Philosophers Straight!

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wtf animation cartoons funny - 1238533

This Poor Background Cartoon Character Finally Got the Recognition He Deserves

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Thanks, Autocorrect...

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People describe the plot holes that are so big you could drive trucks through them | Trevor-On-Reddit 3d 6 Awards Every Christmas movie where no one believes Santa but then turns out Santa does exist. Like, who did they think putting presents under Christmas tree? If Santa is real then wasn't them.

Plot Holes Big Enough To Drive Trucks Through

Like come on.
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Like This!

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Accidential Antisocial

sex violence typo movies funny - 7518606848
Created by Philip
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