Harry Potter reactions fans funny twitter - 1177605

Twitter Has All the Proof We Need that Nifflers From J.K. Rowling's 'Fantastic Beasts' Are Real

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twitter FAIL classy parenting entitled funny - 1323269

People Are Eavesdropping The "Posh Mums of North London" and It's Comedy Gold

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funny, clever and dumb puns | bro gonna get so lit lphane PEPPERMINT ANTACID TABLETS chewable two ants with antacids

Puns for the Mined, Bawdy and Sole

There's a time and a place for puns.
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Well Played, Peeni Cragvagvianogin

batman funny failbook g rated - 7427521536
funny police facebook page

Local Sheriff's Office Facebook Page Is a Comedic Goldmine

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I'll Be Here at 4:30, But Soon After That... GONE!

song lyrics funny - 4902961152
Created by Blanky


mermaids Conspiracy Theory funny - 7518939392

Once This Baby Hits Zero, You're Gonna See Some Serious Love!

DeLorean back to the future relationships love funny - 7443928320
twitter star wars FAIL list Memes funny - 1249029

Vox Chose the Worst Title for a Star Wars Review Possible and Now Everyone Else Is Parodying Them With #VoxtheMovies

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Fill in the Blank

best friends funny dating failbook g rated - 4975356160
Created by Unknown
FAIL surprise British UK funny police - 1337349

London Police Get a Strange but Totally Amazing Surprise When They Stop to Help a 'Passed out' Stranger

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It Isn't My Thing

Text - added a new photo. According to astronomy, when you wish upon a star You're actually a few million years late. That star is dead Just like your dreams. Like Comment Share 5 hours ago via mobile | and 7 others like this. Good thing I don't believe in astronomy 5 hours ago Like
Steve Harvey sends out mass email that calls for ridiculous boundaries with his dressing room at work.

Steve Harvey Tees Himself Up for Twitter Roasting After Sending Lengthy Email About His Dressing Room Boundaries

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At the End of the Day...

gloves prostate exam funny - 4911667200
Created by 00DevonTheDemon

Avengers 2: The Revenge of Cage: Electric Boogaloo (Redux) (Director's Cut)

The Avengers nicolas cage funny - 7477085696
Created by bcd_fezz
Friends' bookstore idea starts out all cheery, and then just keeps on going | Leanne Brown @LanLanLanBan couple nights ago couldn't sleep because spent three hours imagining myself owning bookshop also sold baked goods. 20:19 08/08/2016 Twitter iPhone ili View Tweet activity 2 Likes Jasmine @_JAZZ 09/08/2016 v Replying LanLanLanBan Leanne reckon this is viable business option and l'd like us pursue dream together

Friends' Bookstore Idea Starts Out Positive, Keeps On Going

Well, this is unreasonably adorable.
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