Funny list of tweets from Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak, twitter jokes, sarcasm, sassy, social media.

21 Times Pat Sajak Slayed Twitter With His Sass And Sarcasm

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How to Get a Ton of Comments on Facebook

comments sad but true facebook funny - 7572395776
Via Pleated Jeans

"Special" Delivery

special delivery funny delivery - 7510684672
Created by stg2010
funny unproffessional "you had one job" moments | car wheel with the screws inserted in the wrong placements | water pooling around a street gutter that is too high up to drain it

"You Had One Job" Moments of Occupational Incompetence

Yeah, good enough.
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Wendy's restaurant finally meets its match on Twitter with epic insult exchange.

Wendy's Finally Meets Its Match In Funny Twitter Exchange

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Guy Accidentally Mass Texts 32 Girls on Tinder

wtf tinder idiots online dating funny - 8219349760
Via Total Frat Move
twitter list cute funny - 716805

YouAreDogNow Will Find the Perfect Picture of You as a Dog

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Yahoo Answers: Check My Grammatical

Funny Yahoo Answers fail for someone who asks 'to check my grammatical'
Created by UrSoFunee
Kid ends up going nuclear on his dad during a game of Monopoly | r/tifu Join u/SqueakyCleanNoseDown 15h TIFU by using nuclear option game monopoly. M four player family game Monopoly. My brother, our parents and were playing, and wasn't doing well wasn't bankrupt or heavily mortgaged yet, but could tell if something drastic didn't change next 3 turns or so toast didn't have any monopolies, but did have couple 2 out 3 properties (New York and St. James being standouts) and couple scattered here

Kid Goes Nuclear On Dad In Monopoly

All about the slumlord strategy.
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Thanks, Autocorrect...

autocorrect funny money failbook - 7510616064

"Real Gift"

facebook gifts mothers day funny - 7453563392
14 of our favorite times Wendy's replied with hilarious banter to people on social media - cover image of a burn on McDonald's and finding new friends if that is what they want.

Top 14 Times Wendy's Crushed It On Social Media With Witty Banter

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NSFW espn sports FAIL live tv funny - 210182

ESPN Analyst Fails Terribly, Accidentally Draws NSFW Pic on Live TV

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cringe, reddit, facebook, social media, facepalm, fail, toxic | knuckle tattoos misspelling you're next | FRIEND HAVE EXPLAIN OTHER FRIENDS BEFORE THEY MEET WNTO uh yeah hes really into airsoft and dressing up military stuff. no hes not military

20 Tough Guys Who Tried Very Hard To Seem Badass

Some people need to relax
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Just Like Dad...

parenting dad funny - 4900205056
Created by Ellie Cz.

And on This Farm He Had Some Words....

farming funny - 7475313920
Created by quimb
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