strange customers seen by drive-thru employees | MomoPeachBear 15.1k points 14 hours ago 3 Only worked drive-through year but weirdest thing saw an alpaca minivan. They asked at window if they could order some apple slices alpaca just gave them two packs on house.

The Weirdest Things Drive-Thru Employees Saw

Customers are strange.
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wholesome nice and happy memes | All humanity Teachers who Genuinely love their job Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger carrying Mr. Bean on his shoulder | see attractive but socially anxious friend hit on someone first time is he doing? He's beginning believe. Matrix

Wholesome Memes to Keep Things Moving

Let the memes do their work.
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twitter FAIL reactions UK funny - 1197829

UK Government Tweets Celebratory Photo of Wrong Bridge, and Twitter Is Having a Trolling Field Day

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funny tweets

39 Funny Tweets To Keep Your Saturday Kicking Along

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trolling boyfriends girlfriends relationships parenting pranks funny dating - 81925

Nathan Fielder's Latest Prank Just Ended Countless Relationships

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Keep That to Yourself

retard funny - 4934211328
By Rawr
Funny Twitter parody account is like Harry Potter movies with the humor of Archer TV show.

"Hogwarts Is Stupid" Twitter Thread Is Like Harry Potter In the Comedic Style of Archer

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Commas Are Overrated

grammar nazi grammar legs commas funny - 4923730688
By Sammy

Whoopsie Daisy...

funny google - 7514022400
By MikeyD212

I'll Take STDs for $400, Alex!

Jeopardy herpes funny - 4920295168
By EG3
Canada twitter marketing food funny - 1254661

It's Time For You to Meet the Canadian Company With the Oddest Product Descriptions Around

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Reverse OCD

candy Walmart ocd funny - 7518834688
By Tim Wille

Three Mistakes in One!

queen freddie mercury funny - 6494616832
FAIL Hillary Clinton photoshop funny politics - 1214213

Twitter Account is Dedicated to Tracking the Elusive 'Hillary Clinton in the Wild' and It's Pure Greatness

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I'm Sure It'll Turn Up

phones smartphones ocean funny - 7548836864
By Unknown
twitter tweets Cats funny - 1130757

13 Ridiculous Tweets About Cats

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