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Is This How Dads Get Their Power?

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That Time is Now

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By alimaggieleggie

Before Hitting Send, Check to See Where Those Risque Selfies Are Going

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Like Father, Like Son

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By Jeremy

Using Tinder to Get the Family Back Together

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You Can Pick Your Friends...

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Dad Has Blackmail Material for a Lifetime After Catching His Daughter Making Selfie Faces

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Dad Has Rules

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Dad Figured Out the Truly Important Things in Life

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Dad Knows the Memes are too Spicy for Kids

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If They Make Tumblr Accounts, I'm Gone!

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By Unknown
funny dad tweets to his daughters

This Father Tweets His Conversations With His 4 Daughters And It's Hilarious

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The Internet Is Trying to Adopt This Awesome Dad and His Furry New iPhone Case

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By Unknown
costume religion list halloween parenting dad restoring faith in humanity week tweet - 1087493

This Dad is Really Rpoud of His Daughter and Best Friends' Costumes, and It Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

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