Well This is Awkward

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Dad is Santa's Number One Helper

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Dads Know How to Make do With What They Have

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Like Father, Like Son

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dad jokes

What's the Most "Dad" Thing YOUR Dad's Ever Done?

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Lessening the Blow

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This Dad is Really Rpoud of His Daughter and Best Friends' Costumes, and It Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

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Dad Brings Down the Hammer... Hard

Text - 7 hours ago e Hello everyone, this is he has racked up just over $1,000 in phone bills to phone sex hotlines, he has been removed from his schooling in for Is father is no longer allowed to use his Facebook account as and will be attending boarding school at Thankfully in his grandparents are wealthy and kind enough to pay off his $1,000 debt to us. This Facebook account will be deactivated at 7:00pm tonight where ill be allowed on for 15 minutes to say his goodbyes as he leaves tomorrow
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Witty Dad WIN

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Non-partisan Pwning

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Polo is French for "Has Lots of Crap on it"

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Dad Doesn't Really Understands Memes, but Let Him Do His Thing

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Dad Wins This One

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Things You Didn't Want to Know About Dad

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