Feelin' the Love

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By TracyLalonde

Non-partisan Pwning

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By Bookworm

The Right Thing to Do

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By Unknown

Just Imagine the Possibilities

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By CaptainNerdy

Dad Figured Out the Truly Important Things in Life

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People react to Dad dating simulator video game on Twitter and it's hilarious.

People React to "Dream Daddy" Dating Simulator Video Game

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I Wish I Knew How to Eject You

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There's a Reason Kids These Days Avoid Their Parents on Facebook

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What, You Expected Him to NOT Enjoy it?

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Darn Kids

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Using Tinder to Get the Family Back Together

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We Love You too, Dad

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Let's Just Pretend None of Us Ever Saw This

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Dad Goes Viral For Picture of Him Sleeping Underneath the Hospital Crib of His Baby Boy

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funniest dad tweets of the week - Text - Simon Holland @simoncholland Why would I pay for a haunted house when I can wake up to my kid silently standing by my bed at 5 AM.

Funniest Dad Tweets Of The Week

The funny dads of Twitter
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