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Here's the Internet's Reaction to Obama's Improvised Burn at Yesterday's SOTU

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Obama Playing That Long Game

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Quoting Yourself is the Key to Win Any Debate

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Has Science Gone too Far? Y/N?

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Tell Us How You Really Feel About Ebola and the President

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Finally, I've Been Looking for an Excuse to Leave Christianityism

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Osama Bin Burnin'

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Hoax, Satire, Basically the Same Thing

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John Podesta No Longer Works at the White House, and His Only Regret is Not Finding Out More About UFOs

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There's Two Sides to Every Story

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High Level Political Discourse Courtesy of Satirical Fan Pages

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Government Mandate

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I Died Right Then and There

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If World Events Were Your Annoying Facebook Friends That Always Popped Up on Your News Feed

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That's Totally How Elections Work, Right?

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