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Someone Snapped a Pic of Pensive Joe Biden Over the Weekend, and the Internet Had a Ball With it

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Another Fake Crime to Not Happen Thanks to the President

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Clearly We Need More Water-Proof Politicians

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Abraham Lincoln: The New Hitler

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By James Avila

President Obama Interrupted the End of The Price is Right to Televise a Speech, and POTUS Payed a Price on Twitter

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I Have Friends Who Can Make That Wish Come True...

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Seriously, Are You Having a Stroke?

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Nobody to Look Up to

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The President Doesn't Even Care About Android Users

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Twitter Trends: #FailingAgenda

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The Conspiracy for Your News Begins and Ends With DISH

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Never Mind the Kids and the Happy Marriage and All That

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Hate Mail of the Day: President Obama Reads Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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If it Has a Headline, it Must be Cool!

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Is It '2012?'

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So Long, and Thanks for All the Jobs

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By Sam