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Now, Now, Wait Your Turn!

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Sense When?

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Cover Photo. Stahp.

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In This Thread: People Who Don't Know How Elections Work

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Google It, The Results Will Barack Him Up

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David Cameron Called President Obama Earlier Today, And According to Twitter, They Had a Rather Interesting Conversation

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Someone Read the Article, but Not the URL

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You Can't Fault Them for Honesty

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President Obama Interrupted the End of The Price is Right to Televise a Speech, and POTUS Payed a Price on Twitter

social media fail POTUS interrupts ending of Price is Right and pays a price on Twitter
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Sassy Shinki Weighs In on the New White House Arrival

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The Biggest Threat Facing America: ManBooPig

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POTUS Does a Golf Thing

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Osama Bin Burnin'

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Is It '2012?'

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"Let Me Be Clear! My Opponent's Swag Equals, Like, Negative 1,000,000!"

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