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Now We Know Where He REALLY Stands

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Secret Weapon 11

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Here's the Internet's Reaction to Obama's Improvised Burn at Yesterday's SOTU

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The Princess is in Another White House!

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By hhofent

Still a Great Source of Vitamins

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Twitter Trends: #FutureMittJokes

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Generic Political Rant!

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By Brooke23

Get Active, Mr. President!

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By samwight

Never Mind the Kids and the Happy Marriage and All That

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KitchenAid Twitter Team Member Tells Everyone How He Really Feels About the Election

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By Unknown

Obama Hands

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By Unknown

Now That You Mention It... Yeah!

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By Unknown

The President Cut in Line at One of the Most Popular Barbecue Spots in the Country. So Naturally, #Benghazi.

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Osama Bin Burnin'

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By Ashley

Sorry... Funny?

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By Unknown

Someone Snapped a Pic of Pensive Joe Biden Over the Weekend, and the Internet Had a Ball With it

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