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It's Best to Go for Subtlety

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This Blistering Satire Brought to You By Kyle, Age 12

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Google Image Search: It's Easier Than Ever. Use It.

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The President Can be so Spiteful Sometimes

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Change We Can Believe In

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In Case You Missed it: The President of the United States Sat Down With the Founder of Tumblr for a Live Q+A Session

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Geography FAIL

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2014 Presidential Elections

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There's Two Sides to Every Story

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Source: The Goblins in Your Brain

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John Podesta No Longer Works at the White House, and His Only Regret is Not Finding Out More About UFOs

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Quoting Yourself is the Key to Win Any Debate

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Secret Weapon 11

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Cover Photo. Stahp.

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POTUS Does a Golf Thing

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Government Mandate

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