peach emoji looks like a butt

Apple Mistakenly Altered the Peach Emoji, Butt Triggered iOS Users Everywhere Managed to Make Them Change Their Minds

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apple Video iphone failbook g rated - 65340673

Autocorrect Turned Apple's New iPad Demo Into a Parade of Errors

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An Office-ially Punny Thread

apple microsoft microsoft word monday thru friday windows - 6575740928
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Apple Maps

windows apple maps apple - 6978442496
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This Isn't a Real Samsung Ad... Yet

apple advertisement fake iphone failbook g rated - 8329463296
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windows mac apple - 7158896384
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apple hacked public burn status updates - 3460041984
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The Apple... Razor?

razor phone knockoff apple iphone - 8225818368
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You're Just Now Realizing This?

mac apple - 6943235584
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apple parody Video apple watch failbook - 64284417

Parody of the Day: Meet the iWatch... or Apple Watch... or Something

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Remember: When the Apple Is Red, You Might End Up Dead

apple comment shoe youtube youtube comments - 6497375744
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Like Getting Hit by a Dodge

apple irony juice - 4918454528
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Free Picture of a Rando WIN

apple macbook stranger - 6440262656
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apple watch parody conan obrien apple Video - 69625089

Too Cheap for an Apple Watch? How About an Apple Pocketwatch?

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The Apple Fanboy is Born

apple common sense computers technology - 5971448832
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Original SiN

apple apple store female - 5418858752
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