Dem Electrolytes...

banana apple - 7032149504
By katy tanner

The Apple... Razor?

razor phone knockoff apple iphone - 8225818368
Via Acid Cow

Like Getting Hit by a Dodge

apple irony juice - 4918454528
By jaddasroots
parody apple Video iphone failbook - 71150337

All the New Features You've Been Clamoring for Are in the iPhone 6S

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Original SiN

apple apple store female - 5418858752
By invididual
apple watch parody conan obrien apple Video - 69625089

Too Cheap for an Apple Watch? How About an Apple Pocketwatch?

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An Office-ially Punny Thread

apple microsoft microsoft word monday thru friday windows - 6575740928
By Gunnizle

Waiting for the Cash Cloud Leaks

phones apple iphone - 8313807104
By Unknown

Off a Cliff, Into Space, Between Dimensions...

apple apple maps ios 6 iphone iphone 5 - 6628823552
By Unknown

Maybe You're Short-Sighted Because There's an iPad Three Inches Away From Your Face

apple Bill Gates ipad microsoft steve jobs - 6358167552
siri phone apple Video - 70888193

Siri Would Make a Pretty Alright Mom, Really

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Apple Founder Steve Jobs is Dead

apple dead Death news rip steve jobs - 5278283520
Via twitter

The Time is Beach Ball o'Clock

apple twitter apple watch failbook - 8314979072
Via The Oatmeal

Siri is Also Suing Her Users for Defamation

apple iphone iphone 5 Samsung siri - 6582547200
By Unknown

You're Just Now Realizing This?

mac apple - 6943235584
By Unknown
whoops apple watch apple Video - 70603777

A CNET Reporter Talking About the Apple Watch Accidentally Buys an Xbox One on the New Apple Device.

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