No One Expects to Find Patience at an Apple Store, Which Makes This Mother's Story That Much Sweeter

heartwarming parenting facebook post about patient and kind apple store employee
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Monday Thru Friday: Ooh Snap, Microsoft Gettin' Sassy!

apple microsoft myspace - 6636321792
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Off a Cliff, Into Space, Between Dimensions...

apple apple maps ios 6 iphone iphone 5 - 6628823552
By Unknown

An Office-ially Punny Thread

apple microsoft microsoft word monday thru friday windows - 6575740928
By Gunnizle
apple watch apple Video iphone - 64353025

Getting Honest About the Newest Slew of Apple Products

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apple Video iphone failbook - 64415233

Why You Should Buy a Nokia 3310 Instead of the New iPhone

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That Apple Magic

apple common sense technology - 6046785280
By ChazD

Facebook Machines

laptops computers PC windows microsoft apple failbook - 7586099200
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So Was Harambe, But Now They're Both Gone

funny twitter image old enough to remember apple ads were based on headphones
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This Isn't a Real Samsung Ad... Yet

apple advertisement fake iphone failbook g rated - 8329463296
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You've Got a Bright Future Ahead of You

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Even More than All of Them?!

apple black humor hipsters steve jobs - 5284887040
By KlungHog

Free Picture of a Rando WIN

apple macbook stranger - 6440262656
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The Time is Beach Ball o'Clock

apple twitter apple watch failbook - 8314979072
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Ladies and Gentlemen, Apple Fanboys...

iphone 5 ios 6 apple - 6631369216
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It's ALWAYS a Contest

phone Samsung apple burn iphone failbook - 8368632832
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