Watch Out, That Burn Might Get Infected

Text - minutes ago without the ugly in this world, there would be nothing beautiful Share kes this Thank you for your sacrifice 3 minutes ago List of burn centers in the United States-Wikipedia, the free WIKIMEDIA encyclopedia project This is a List of burn centers in the United States. A burn center or burns unit is a hospital specializing in the treatment of burns. a few seconds ago
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Viagra Fail

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What Makes a Girl Mad?

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Deaf Jam Problems

Music twitter trolling - 8816774912
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Life is a Lot Like an Internet Comment Feed

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Two Decades Of Gillian Anderson's STFU-Face

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How Attentive!

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Dress That Burn With Bandages

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What Seems to be the Officer, Problem?

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He's Not Too "Bright"

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Mind = Blown

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An Eruption of Anger and Elementary Science

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Lern 2 Independence Day, Guise!

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Just Because We're Friends...

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Valentine's Day Dilemma

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Oh Hey There Ladies

forever alone - 6791871232
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