History Doesn't Care About Truth

Aliens history history channel - 5716238336
Created by Loren
prank selfie Video failbook - 62299649

What Happens When You Try to Take Selfies With Strangers?

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regretting valentine's day

#MyValentinesRemorse Trending Twitter Hashtag Is Easily the Best Thing About Valentine's Day

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No Time for Love, Get That Paper

instagram relationships money - 8375581952
Via Brown Cardigan
Florida man headlines that are born ready to be memes

41 Times Florida Man Proved He Is Not the Hero We Need

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First Kiss

oh snap question your mom - 4624556288
Created by Unknown
twitter FAIL fight reaction funny Video politics - 1140485

The Internet is Fascinated By This Dude With the Ultimate Chill When a Political Fight Broke Out

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After This, We Should Take a Good Long Look at Our Selfie Habits

selfie facepalm Probably bad News - 8042444032
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Time to Bust Out the Aloe Vera

Text - It would be much easier to do jumping jacks if my dick weren't hitting me in the face. Like Comment about an hour ago likes this. I didnt know you were only 3 inches tal? about an hour ago Unlike 6
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changes jail lessons learned - 3502277376
Created by Unknown

What That Means

dr seuss facepalm relationships rhyming - 5433240832
Created by lorain93

Vine Star Jerome Jarre Tried to Fly Wearing Only a Speedo, Then This Happened

twitter whoops vine airplane failbook g rated - 8364461568
Via Daily Mail

To be That Young Again...

romance facepalm relationships - 8101537536
Created by ichc.chrispeeler ( Via RunoutJunkie )
the lion king in the hood

'The Lion King' Becomes a Slightly Different Story When Retold as If Simba and Nala Were "From the Hood"

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Gloating Before Bloating

marriage food tweet dating - 8749937408
Created by Unknown

Social Interaction Required

sign phones wifi - 8149506560
Via CeePee1
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