Time to Drop That Beet

puns sick - 8327200768
By Unknown

State and Sniff

united states states - 6848751616
By Unknown

This Baby

baby pic - 5782357760
By Mike

Every Single Weekend

alcohol drinking Hypocrisy weekend - 6044753152
By Rachel


google hipster - 4963359744
By Unknown

Welcome to the Abyss, Lows in the Mid-30s... Kelvin.

typo weather newspaper failbook g rated - 8296292864
Via Know Your Meme
random act of kindness news baby justice moms - 61566465

After the Unthinkable Happens, Facebook Reunites a Mom and Her Newborn

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Grad Night

graduation knocked up Party party hard pregnant funny - 4889166848
By ohnoits


drama orange - 4388448000
By juhogo

The Sting of Rejection

forever alone rejection girlfriends relationships - 4710733568
By Unknown

Forever Alone, Eternally Well Rested

Via tfj

Just Trying to Be an Optimist

optimism real estate - 4769938432
By Unknown

Only a Little More Blonde

blondes blonde moment funny - 4901795584
By spiffy143

Did You Have Something to Tell Us, Dad?

fatherhood siblings pregnant - 4973688576
By Shawn

Actually... We Kinda Can...

banks identity theft money - 7781012224
By Unknown

What Have You Done This Time, Miley?

news whoops miley cyrus Probably bad News juxtaposition - 8382614016
By Bellabean
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