marvel comics superheroes - 8230138624
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Bold Your Points Some More, I'm Not Clear What's Going On

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Scared for the Future

spelling - 4967363840
Created by Mainnzeawesome

Seems Pretty Clear to Me

making out - 6888683264
Created by creepingjennie

Dad Figured Out the Truly Important Things in Life

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Dancing with the Undead

I see what you did there lol zombie - 4560424960
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Something Tells Me It Wasn't Easy at That School

Awkward black facebook failbook g rated lol social media wtf - 5679920896
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College Doesn't Seem Like Your Thing Anyway...

college facepalm spelling - 4745974528
Created by Unknown

Our Future Educators...

genes teachers Genetics science biology - 6998048256
Created by Sierra

We Don't Talk About Mama June Anymore

gross Awkward honey boo-boo Probably bad News - 8406386688
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But What if Metroid Could Crawl?

facepalm video games zelda failbook - 8250382848
Created by David Bell

Getting Head of the Class

grammar pr0n school - 6124178176
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Orange is the New Wack

jail relationships prison dating - 4644702720
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Everyone Should Have a Rejection Response Like This Ready For Your Next Unsolicited Dick Pick

funny dating twitter girl has the best dick pic rejection response of all time
Via @maellevie

Drugs Are Bad, 'Mmmkay?

drugs - 7103983104
Created by Unknown

It's IN the Computer...

technology wtf zoolander - 4791863040
Created by Unknown
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