Dating Fails

Well, That's One Way to Get Your Girl to Lift

it's tough to get your girl to lift weights
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Ladies Can't Resist the Checkered Pants

bathroom bj oral PDA stall We Are Dating - 5378714112

Attack From the Rear Proves Unsuccessful

club dancing do not want grinding handsy that face - 5570472448
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This Is What Middle School Relationships Are Like

they don't do anything with the butt, just touch it.
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I Am So Alone

Pillow forever alone sleeping together so alone - 6951808256

Lawyers Give Terrible Dating Advice

lawyer funny dating advice - 8466923520

Bounce, Baby

bed comic moving rage comic We Are Dating - 5088346880

Going Gaga for Goebbels

abstinence Hall of Fame hitler marriage virgin waiting - 5351923200

Someone Is Definitely Bitter

beer wife funny - 8201877504
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It's Your Birthday. Have a Day.

funny birthday image It's Your Birthday. Have a Day.
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But Please do Not Feed the Designers

sign singles funny g rated dating - 7752268288

Tony Stark Knows

iron man - 7376585216

You Know It's True

Hall of Fame kitchen sandwich sexist single women - 5408047104

Baby Got Plump

comic lesbian vintage We Are Dating - 5460942080
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Not Even Mad

boyfriend tennis dating - 8970668544
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I Knew I Messed Up Somehow!

bad luck - 6359413504
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