Dating Fails


sexually charged tinder moments

30 Tinder Moments Jam Packed With Sexually Charged Insanity

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Women and Cats...Same Thing

Cats funny women - 8414764032
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Works Everytime

men friendzone funny love women - 8332309760
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sexting fails that will make you LOL | Person - Look at horror her face looks more like disappointment tbh Ur right got ur nudes Delivered

30 Sext Jokes That Will Never Not Be Funny

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food sexy women win - 1398021

10 Times Women Made the Act of Eating Food Amazing, and Sent Blood Rushing to Funny Places

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Men and Women Communicate Very Differently

friends nails the difference between women and men
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Women, Don't Treat Them Like Mice

computers holding hands funny women - 8036330240
lasagna men relationships sketch women - 32923393

Dealing With The Fairer Sex

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Dating Venn Bubble

men sexy times funny venn diagram women - 8356954112
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How Do You React to Love Letters

wtf men funny women - 8199744768
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Like a God Damn Sir

pick-up lines sir women beautiful - 6926032896
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That's How He Likes Them

pickup lines Sexy Ladies funny women - 8413469696
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What the Hell Class Is This?

girls equal time and money
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The Girls Don't Appreciate the Poking

spooning funny women - 8102615040
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And it Comes Full Circle

men comics standards women - 7018067712
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So That's Why Men and Women Get Along So Well

men relationships funny women - 8351122944