Dating Fails


How Relationships Really End

it always ends in 2001 a space odyssey
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What the Hell Class Is This?

girls equal time and money
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These Women's Magazines Are Getting Out of Hand

Christina Hendricks cosmo funny women - 8418837248
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Pretty Sure the 70s Loved a Good Mustache

the inverse evolution of pubes and facial hair
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Men Don't Rhyme Well, Apparently

men poem funny women - 8380867584
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Funny dump of memes on relationships

Hilarious Relationship Memes That Anyone Can Relate Too

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Women Are Not On The Menu

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The Right Woman Can Make You a Millionaire

gambling funny women - 8399833344
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It's a Skill Both Men and Women Need

men cooking funny women - 8367686144
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Missiles Need Love Too

dating websites women - 6475461888
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funny and sad tinder moments

19 Funny and Sad Moments from the Wild World of Tinder

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Larry David Is Ready to Go at a Moment's Notice

larry david men sexy times funny women - 8197001216
girly memes that are right on the money, which you also don't have

19 Girly Memes That Were Just So Spot On

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a funny list of what women said to people that told them they should wear more makeup

20 Women With Savage Comebacks to People Who Said They Needed Makeup

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When People Say Women and Men Are Equal

quotes women dating - 8803027712
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Calling It a "Life" Is a Stretch

forever alone graph sex We Are Dating women - 5383073280

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