Dating Fails



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Men and Women Communicate Very Differently

friends nails the difference between women and men
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What's to Be Intimidated By?

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Not as Catchy But a Little More Accurate

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How Was Your Sunday?

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It's Best if You Just Never Mention It

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Women, Don't Treat Them Like Mice

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One of the Perks of Being a Woman

the joy of being a woman
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Put Your Clip Back in Its Cage Where It Belongs

hair clip goes in cage not on couch
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Women Are Full of Wolves

Old Pete knows women are full of wolves
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Women Read Ridiculously Bad Tinder Messages

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When People Say Women and Men Are Equal

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Do Periods Really Make Women Moody?

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The Weaker Sex

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What Women Go Through to "Look Their Best."

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funny women roasting men tweets - cover pic tweet about dating men in their 30s like shopping in thrift store and dating men in their 20s like products about to be recalled

Week's Best 'Women Roasting Men' Tweets (August 26, 2020)

The ruthless women of Twitter
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