Dating Fails


Time to Expand My Social Networking

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And it Comes Full Circle

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Baby You're a Snowflake

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Having Men Draw Lady Bits

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Women reveal the times men rocked their world and blew their minds in the sheets.

15 Women Reveal the Most Orgasmic, Mind-Blowing Things Men Have Ever Done To Them In Bed

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Tall Or Small...It Doesn't Matter

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BAMF Girls: What Happens When They Live Together

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Basically Something is ALWAYS Wrong

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Calling It a "Life" Is a Stretch

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These Women's Magazines Are Getting Out of Hand

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What Happens When a Woman Turns 21

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The Awful Awful Truth

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That's How He Likes Them

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Why Do Guys Like Asian Girls?

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Men Don't Rhyme Well, Apparently

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