Dating Fails


That'd About Do It

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The Bra That Only Opens When True Love Is Detected.

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Perfect Woman Disaster

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Men Are Given a Menstrual Cup and Try To Guess What It Is

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Men and Women Hug Very Differently

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What Happens When a Woman Turns 21

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Not as Catchy But a Little More Accurate

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1 in 200 Women Have Virgin Births?

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The Weaker Sex

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That's My Ideal Woman as Well!

he's a real stickler when it comes to women.
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Ugh, Men

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BAMF Girls: What Happens When They Live Together

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Diet Ads Are Getting A Little Out of Control

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Put Your Clip Back in Its Cage Where It Belongs

hair clip goes in cage not on couch
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Who's Better at Giving Just the Tip

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That's How He Likes Them

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