Dating Fails


Where Was This Energy Last Night?

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So Very Lonely

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Do Periods Really Make Women Moody?

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Put Your Clip Back in Its Cage Where It Belongs

hair clip goes in cage not on couch
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Real-Life Women Want to Teach You How to Give Them an Orgasm

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What Is Your Preference?

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10 Times Women Made the Act of Eating Food Amazing, and Sent Blood Rushing to Funny Places

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So That's Why Men and Women Get Along So Well

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Like a God Damn Sir

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Who Needs Subtlety?

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How Men and Women Argue

the differences between men and women during an argument
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Sex Is Really Difficult

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What the Hell Class Is This?

girls equal time and money
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Diet Ads Are Getting A Little Out of Control

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Women reveal the times men rocked their world and blew their minds in the sheets.

15 Women Reveal the Most Orgasmic, Mind-Blowing Things Men Have Ever Done To Them In Bed

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