Dating Fails


Somehow, This Seems Wrong

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Dating Dispatches: Everybody Hold, They've Discovered the G-Spot!

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A Piano Is Like a Woman

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Who's Better at Giving Just the Tip

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You Know Her By Her Drink of Choice

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The Intentional Friendzone

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Men Don't Rhyme Well, Apparently

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Pandora's Box Opened When Women Who Watch Porn Talk About Which Titles They Search For the Most

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It's a Skill Both Men and Women Need

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Mom Goes Ape Sh*t on Her Son for Stupid, Mildly Sexist Facebook Post

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These Women's Magazines Are Getting Out of Hand

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It's All the Positive Fictional Female Role Models Plus Bella!

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Finally a "Prank" Where Men Prove That Douchebags Can Pick-Up Women!

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How Do You Deal With Breakups?

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Hey Ladies, These Pickup Lines Are Guaranteed to Work

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How Men and Women Argue

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