Dating Fails


There Goes All My Money

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Funny Enough, the Boat is Still Less Expensive Than Marriage

marriage wife boat funny - 7887722752

Relationship Goals

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Going Green by Coercion Still Counts

marriage bag wife funny g rated dating - 7623423744
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The Holidays Can Be Stressful for Your Significant Other

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It's Hard to Argue With This Woman's Reasoning for Why Men Should Take More Photos of Their Wives

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She Does Love Sausage

funny no no tubes sign wife sausage - 8304415488
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Sad FAIL wife true story cheating brutal dating - 1413381

Sorry Soul Finds Out Wife's Been Cheating On Him For Two Years In Worst, Most Brutal Way Imaginable

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Two Wives or Two Knives?

moe knives wife the simpsons funny - 8422520320
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Ding Dong

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What a Heartfelt Congratulations

wife congratulations funny - 8091718656

The Husband Seems Greatful

husband writes letter to man sleeping with his wife
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One Angry Wife

angry funny marriage wife dating g rated - 8337148928
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Woman Chops Off Husband's Penis...Twice

news wtf wife no no tubes husband - 8425818112
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Instructions Unclear... Accidentally Burned the House Down

wife leaves husband with labels on how to live life
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Dude Gets Pranked Into Seeing Sexy Blonde Naked and It's Hilarious and Brutal At the Same Time

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