Dating Fails


Sometimes Vacation With the Wife Can Be a Real Drag

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It's Fun to Go Shopping With Your Wife

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The Husband Seems Greatful

husband writes letter to man sleeping with his wife
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This is What Happens When Your Husband Finds Your Dating Profile

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The Most Elaborate Way to Get Out of a Night With the Wife

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Keeping the Wife Happy Can Be Tough

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Where's Your Permission Slip, Mr?

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Craft Shopping With the Wife

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His Wife Wouldn't Let Him Trash Their Useless Garage Junk, So He Hung It Up Inside as Art Instead

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Someone's Marriage Isn't Working Out

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Woman In Dubai Wants a Divorce Because Her Husband Can't Satisfy Her

He's not up for the challenge.
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She Does Love Sausage

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Affection To Infection

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My Wife Did Not Enjoy Getting These Treats

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Ask the Manager for the Password First

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Dude Gets Pranked Into Seeing Sexy Blonde Naked and It's Hilarious and Brutal At the Same Time

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