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Man Sends Dumbest Possible Texts To His Date After Finding Out She Had Cancer

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The Eternal Battle Between Girlfriend and Tacky

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When Your Friends Find See That You've Sent Someone in the Group a Dick Pick, They're Gonna Take the Piss Out of You For it

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Here's the Easiest Way to Ruin Your iPhone-Owning Friend's Day

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Watch These Couples Sext For The First Time

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14 Cringe-Packed Texting Fails To Make You Feel Better About Your Darkest Hour

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Girl Shuts down a Thirsty Facebook "Friend" with a Ruthless Burn

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Guy Chooses Destiny Video Game Over Hanging out with Girlfriend, and Dodges the 'Crazy Bullet' in the Process

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Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey.

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My Ex Was Like The Ring, Only The Fires Of Mordor Could Kill Her

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What Happened?

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Guy gets hit on by bot and responds very well.

Dude Gets Trolled by Thirsty Bot and Handles Situation in the Best Way Possible

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Those Young Harry Potter Fans Grew Up To Be Gross Adults

texting meme of harry potter pick up lines and it goes gross pretty fast but still funny
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crazy ex

This Insane Douchnozzle's Been Sending Same Rage Text to His Ex-Girlfriend Every Day for 3 YEARS

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