Dating Fails


Facebook Is Already Giving Away Too Much Information

facebook text texting We Are Dating - 5273607168
dad trolls wife by pretending he gave their son a bad haircut

Mischievous Husband Trolls Wife Into Hysterical Rage With Amazing Use of Photoshop

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That Was Really... Cunning of You

breakup puns texting g rated - 8169723648
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The Stupid Rating Is Off The Charts

breakup nothing to see here scale texting - 5622190592
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creepy guy texting

Woman's Texts With Manipulative Psycho Escalate Sickeningly Quickly

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Someone's About To Get Some Sports-Related Injuries

busted cheating dating girlfriend texting vengeance - 5591711232
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The Power of Being an Independent Woman Compels You

trying not to text your ex boyfriend
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iPhones texting g rated AutocoWrecks - 6837387776
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Why You Gotta Tease?

dtf joke rage comic texting We Are Dating - 5506104320
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A Girl's Gotta Eat

dinner texting mom dating - 8972004864
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FAIL friends texting p33n Video win - 80251649

When Your Friends Find See That You've Sent Someone in the Group a Dick Pick, They're Gonna Take the Piss Out of You For it

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OK Next Time I'll REALLY Make Her Wait

texting dating fails - 6894528256
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Sexting Can Get Out Of Hand Sometimes

horny pooping sexting sexy times surprise texting Twist Ending - 5834342912
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racist won't date a girl who slept with black guys

Woman Tweets Racist Conversation With Guy Who Won't Date Her Cause She Slept With Black Man

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British guy says that he's a cop to a girl after their texting exchange doesn't go well.

British Pervert Pulls Cop Card After Flirty Texting Goes Horribly Wrong

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Picture of Plan B morning after pill.

Guy's World Gets Turned Upside down When He Texts Girl Asking Her to Get a 'Morning After' Pill

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