Dating Fails


Use These Emoji Flirts With Your SO and See How Quickly You Get Dumped

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funny dating fails

Girl Texts Her Boyfriend Asking For Paperclip, Hilarious Struggle Ensues

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Ass Effect 2

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The Things Your Girlfriend Puts Up With...

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Summer Boredom

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By Jawnson

Some Girl's Don't Know How to Take a Compliment

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I'll See Your Eagle Tuesday

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Dad's Knows Best

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How To Stop An Text Argument With Just an Image of Trampoline

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Woman's Texts With Manipulative Psycho Escalate Sickeningly Quickly

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How about no...

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Don't Play

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Guy Forgoes Probable Nudes for Spider-Man Memes in Glorious Display of Dedication

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Say No More

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Funny text messages that'll keep you entertained. | oo Verizon LTE 03:44 1 11 Julianna 00 is not palindrome but is also hi Wait No uts not first one is Why are lying Wait need second Oh fuck Oh Jesus right Oh my god iMessage

24 Entertaining Text Messages That'll Crush Your Boredom

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So, Indian then?

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