Dating Fails


Good Try

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British guy says that he's a cop to a girl after their texting exchange doesn't go well.

British Pervert Pulls Cop Card After Flirty Texting Goes Horribly Wrong

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I Miss the Bloodhound Gang...

sexual innuendo texting - 6443632128
By Unknown

Someone's About To Get Some Sports-Related Injuries

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It Took Awhile, But Eventually It Happened

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By The girl ignoring this guy

I Kneed To See More

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Yeah Baby I'm Still Her...

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funny tinder pick up lines

This Guy Proves You Can Use Hilarious Pick Up Lines Smoothly on Tinder

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What Happened?

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Sexting Can Get Out Of Hand Sometimes

horny pooping sexting sexy times surprise texting Twist Ending - 5834342912
By Unknown

Apparently, This Persistent Fella Has Never Heard of Playing Hard to Get

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How to win a girl's heart at Tinder

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This is Where True Love Begins

text dawww texting funny - 7845017856

Translation: She's Just Not Into You, Dude

busy friend zone text texting We Are Dating - 5273599744
dad uses memes

Savage Dad Uses Memes to Shut Down Thirsty Kid Trying to Chat Up His Daughter

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Let 'Em Down Easy

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By Unknown
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