Dating Fails


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This is How Texting Ruins Modern Relationships

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I Know He's Cheating

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What Happened?

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The Secondhand Cringe From This Dude's First Date Follow Up Is Excruciating

cringeworthy first date text exchange will make you sweat beads of awkwardness
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You Want to Talk Face to Face? NOPE.

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Guy Messages Friends as He Sabotages Terrible Date Who Refuses to Put Her Phone Down

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Guy Texts Ex Trying to Set Up Threesome for Girlfriend, Girlfriend Realizes It and Pulls Brutal Power Move

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With Extra Sausage

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Traumatized daughter is somehow in her mom's group chat.

Traumatized Daughter Was Caught In Her Mom's Cringeworthy Sexting Crossfire

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Guy's Date Ditches Him in the Middle of a Movie and Texts Him Explaining Why in the Most Brutal Way Possible

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Don't Talk To Me In Middle School

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Dad's Knows Best

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Chill With the Triangles

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Not Everyone Is Trying to Date You

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Guy Hits Side Chick With Ruthless Curve Ball of a Good Night Text

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I Love It, Too

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