Dating Fails


10 times people tried their hardest to get other people to send them nude pictures.

10 Times People Outdid Themselves With "Send Nudes" Requests

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Time to Apply the "Y" Standards!

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You Up?

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Guy gets wrong number text from an angry wife who won't believe that he's not her husband.

Guy Trolls Wrong Number Text From An Enraged Wife Who Refuses to Believe He's Not Her Husband

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Oh Yeah, Look at Those Spray Settings...

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How to Text a Girl is the Perfect Guide for High School Boys

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When Your Tinder Game is On Point

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It's Crazy, I Know

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Just Accept Your Fate With Dignity

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Girl Pulls Fast 180, Goes Completely Psycho On Dude After Rejection

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Another Sucker for Poetry

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Don't Play

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So Moist

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Boys Just Don't Understand

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What Is The Goal?

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Ridiculously Overprotective Boyfriend Refuses to Let Girlfriend Go Out, Ignites String of Enraged Reactions From Internet

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