Dating Fails


They Can be Really Tough to Open, to be Fair

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The Difference Between Men and Women in a Bathroom Sign

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Are Your Employees Really Willing to Go the Extra Mile For the Customers?

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Time for a Product Recall!

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But Please do Not Feed the Designers

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The Last People You Want Relationship Advice From

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Get Yourself Snipped, for the Economy

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Here's Where We Keep All of the Dark-Haired Romantic Interests

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Sugar Daddy for Hire

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What a Deal!

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The Extra-Marital Kind or the Boring Kind?

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Advertising That Goes Straight for the Crotch

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Keep a Stiff Upper Lip, Chap!

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That Was Sort of the Idea, Yes

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Wrist Damage is Way Worse Than Soul Damage

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Would You Like To Go On A Vape With Me?

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