Dating Fails


The Healthiest Strip Clup

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What Is She Implying?

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Turns Out It's Not That Hard to Find at All!

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This Guy's Had a Rough Life

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Think of the Troops

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Hang On, Need to Drop Off the Husband

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This is How You wash Your Hands, That's All This is

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Looking for Locals in Your Area

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If Found, Please Wash Your Mind With Bleach

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Got Any Locally Grown or Organic?

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That Was Sort of the Idea, Yes

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Because I Love Pussy So Much

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Would You Like To Go On A Vape With Me?

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Jealous Much?

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Mulligan's Knows How Relationships Work

hey, at least you met someone
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10, 12, 14, 16, Nothing Really Rhymes With 16!

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