Dating Fails


Hang On, Need to Drop Off the Husband

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Advertising That Goes Straight for the Crotch

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Relationships, They're a Day-to-Day Affair

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I Feel I Know Enough About This Person Now to Call Him Up

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Because I Love Pussy So Much

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So That is What Dental Dams Are Really For, Right?

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Have a Drink, It Helps

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Straight To The Point

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She's a Little Rusty on the "Ws" Sometimes But Is Generally Reliable

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So Long as it Isn't Licorice..

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Size Matters

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Let's All Give a Round of Applause for Scott!

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This Grocery Store Gets Me

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Did Your Man Wrong You? Hit Him in the Wallet

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How's That Working Out for You?

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Does a Hell of a Job on Stains, However

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