Dating Fails


Pool Foolery

pool rules safety sign swimming water We Are Dating - 5419239424
By Unknown

No Fun in This Pool

warning sign sexy times funny - 7841705216
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I Need to Get Myself Some Chlamydia Right Now!

sign STD STDs sti We Are Dating - 5155892992

Some Roommates Have the Courtesy to Leave a Note During Self-Sexile

sign fap sexy alone times funny - 7720628480
By Unknown

I'll Get No-Whip... Or Will I?

lgbtq sign barista pick-up lines funny - 7548745472
By Unknown

What Is She Implying?

balls sexy times funny sign - 8333909760
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Mulligan's Knows How Relationships Work

hey, at least you met someone
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Angel Hair or Bust, Pasta Fans

groceries sign sexy time funny store - 7646463744
By Unknown

Finally, a Place to Take Your Significant Other for Dinner!

sign date restaurant funny g rated dating - 7472231168
By Unknown
funny sign Video prank dating - 56192769

When All Else Fails, Why Not Just Make a Sign?

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She's a Little Rusty on the "Ws" Sometimes But Is Generally Reliable

marriage sale sign We Are Dating - 5241563392

Creation Would Have Taken a Day Less if Man Was Good Enough

sign funny men vs women - 7823367936
By Unknown

All the Pasties You Could Ever Want

sign engrish pr0n funny - 7611084800
By Unknown

Keep Both Hands on the Wheel, Buddy

flash flashing road sign truck We Are Dating - 5293984512
By Unknown

Would You Like To Go On A Vape With Me?

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Well, There Goes the Fun

sign lady bits boat dating - 7440113408
By Unknown
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