Dating Fails


Finally, a Place to Take Your Significant Other for Dinner!

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Looking for Locals in Your Area

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This Grocery Store Gets Me

funny memes crazy cat lady store aisle
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I Bet You Say That to All the Ladies

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Steve Knows What You Need

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This is a Sign That Your Stuff is on the Lawn

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And Now This Entire Interstate is Going to Know About it

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That's Not How 3D Signs Work

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It's What Everyone Wants

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The Last People You Want Relationship Advice From

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That's the Order of Operations Alright!

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Airports in Denmark Have a Very Strict PDA Code

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If Found, Please Wash Your Mind With Bleach

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This Limerick Will Save Your Roommate's Life

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Not the Most Subtle Imagery

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Self-Esteem Accomplished!

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