Dating Fails


Some Forks in the Road are Literal AND Figurative

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For Those Folks Watching At Home

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Best Motel Ever

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Thanks for All the Suffering, Hubby!

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The New Standard Sign for All Weddings

screw the cameras and enjoy the open bar
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Wise Words

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That's Weird, My Ex Didn't Like It That Much

Ad dating fails facial i love you sign Valentines day - 5807726080
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Funny, Don't Remember Visiting the UK Lately...

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When Will These Outlaws Stop?

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Get Yourself Snipped, for the Economy

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True Love Leaves a Sign

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Way to Be a Creep, Jesus

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Avoid the Warzone for a Week or So

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Back Door Is the Best Door

Sign talks about back door friends are the best friends.
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We Could All Use a Royal Taster

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Taiwan, We Have to Talk About These Cosmetic Surgeries

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