Dating Fails

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Ladies That Like Ladies Don't Care!

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Be Careful Whose Photos You're Stealing

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This Woman Purposefully Made the Worst Online Dating Profile Ever and Still Received Tons of Messages From h0rny Dudes

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I Like "The Frumpy Vixen" Better

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Fred Durst Uses EHarmony?

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Hilarious Tinder Conversations That Will Get Your Blood Boiling | Person - LTE 12:14 PM 77% Rylie play piano? Sure do Wanna fuck? Sure do

35 Hilarious Tinder Conversations That Will Get Your Blood Boiling

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The Best Reason to Get a Smart Watch

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Where Can I Sign Up?

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Well, That's Not Icky

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Jake Knows How to Take a Lady Out

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That's a Dark Tinder Profile

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This Guy Wears the Pants, Ladies. Deal With It

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Singles? In MY Area?

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Why Does He Need a Tinder Account?

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Well, That's...Something

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