Dating Fails

online dating

Seems Like a Match!

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Fred Durst Uses EHarmony?

wtf eharmony online dating funny - 8189875968
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Now That's a Good First Date

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If Online Dating Was a Job Interview

this would double the amount of rejection letters I already get
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We've Found a Winner, Folks!

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He Regrets Nothing

wtf wine idiots online dating funny - 8162286592
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A Choice Pic

funny online dating wtf tinder - 8227563008
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The Weirdness of Online Dating

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11 Tigers on Tinder Profiles

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That's Less Than Zero

depressing zero online dating funny - 8299334400
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It's Time to Play Online Dating Bingo!

I just filled in all the bingo boxes
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Poor, Poor Sally

tinder is full of bots
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He'd Make a Sweet Mother

funny online dating wrestling mother - 8237052416
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I Don't Think You Needed A Graph For That

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Let Nurse Nicole Play Doctor With You

nurse tinder health online dating funny dating - 8211027712
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I'd Do Anything For Love, And Even Probably That

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