Dating Fails

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The Best Dating App Tips are Learned By Catfishing Others

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Sometimes You're GOB

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You Could Date a part of History

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That's Really Taking One for the Team

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That's Not a Good Sign

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The Weirdness of Online Dating

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It Turns Out Worked too Well

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Tinder IRL

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Dear Guys, Find a More Original Opening Line

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I Love Boosting Other People's Self-Esteem Unless They're Genetic Doggerel

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Meeting People Online

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Not Sure This Sends the Right Message

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I Like "The Frumpy Vixen" Better

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This is an Easy Way to Get Blocked Online

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Making the Perfect Dating Profile

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Hilarious Tinder Conversations That Will Get Your Blood Boiling | Person - LTE 12:14 PM 77% Rylie play piano? Sure do Wanna fuck? Sure do

35 Hilarious Tinder Conversations That Will Get Your Blood Boiling

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